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Panorama-Spa Lechquell

It is the time that we take out for ourselves that is most rewarding. (Ernst Ferstl)

Relaxation with Long-Term Effects

The picturesque mountain world that presents itself under the rising sun welcomes a day that offers plenty: a leisurely hike through the intact nature, a walk along the beautiful banks of Lech river or a cross-country skiing tour to the most beautiful viewing spots in the winter – and then eventually you return to find some peace and recreation.

Recharged by sunshine and dreamlike impressions of the day still in your heart you can enjoy the most beautiful elements in our spa area: water, warmth, tranquillity, light, local wood, stone and a unique panoramic view. Our spa area is characterized by timelessly beautiful architecture. It is a kingdom for all the senses and a retreat with a difference.

Grundriss Lechquell OG

Our Panorama-Spa at a glance:

1  outdoor pool 32° C
2  massage loungers
3  children's pool
4  textile sauna
5  pool area
6  cosmetic
7  massage
8  massage & floating
9  lawn for sunbathing

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