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It is the time that we take out for ourselves that is most rewarding. (Ernst Ferstl)

Feeling free

Pure pleasure…trust the trained hands of our massage therapists. You will enjoy the soothing and highly relaxing massage Treatments.


Full-Body Massage

This is a classic full-body massage. This technique is one of the oldest treatment forms. Tensions are gently released and the blood flow is enhanced.

50 Min | € 62,00


Partial Massage

Are you also suffering from tensions in the neck area from time to time? 
Then this massage will be a real treat. The muscles in the neck, head and back area loosened.

25 Min | € 36,00


Foot Reflexology Treatment

Reflex zones on the feet correspond to the body’s organs. Blockages in the energy flow between them are positively influenced or even released.

25 Min | € 39,00

Wellness Massage

Combined Massage

The classic back massage and a reflexology massage are combined to one session. 

50 Min | € 69,00

Lomi Lomi

The Hawaiian temple ritual is a gentle therapy for body, spirit and soul. With warm oil and gentle pressure by the forearms tensions are released from the back area. 

50 Min | € 69,00

Hot Stone Massage

Lech-Hot Stone 

Warm basalt and Lechquell stones are used to recharge energies. This therapy has relaxing effects and loosens tight muscles. It is a reviving experience after a long day skiing or cross-country skiing. 

25 Min / € 42,00 back treatment
75 Min / € 99,00 full-body treatment


Alpin Veda

The face is the mirror of the soul! Strengthens the hair and its roots. Your skin’s face will shine with beauty. Head and neck will be freed from tensions. 

50 Min | € 62,00


Massage with Essential Oils

This feel-good massage with warm, well-scenting essential oils aims at deep relaxation. This massage boosts the blood flow and the scents of oils of your choice revive your senses and your body. 

50 Min | € 64,00

Sports Vital Massage

Invigorating sports massage with warming cushions and selected essential oils like marmot oil or herb oil. 

50 Min | € 75,00


Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage stimulates the transport of the lymph in the lymph vessels and thus promotes the excretion of metabolic products.

25 Min | € 42,00
50 Min | € 69,00


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