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It is the time that we take out for ourselves that is most rewarding. (Ernst Ferstl)

Well-deserved peace in the Lechquell Spa Area

Completely wrapped you lie and float on a warm water bed. Different, individually mixed packs have purifying, detoxifying, nurturing and skin tightening effects.


Cowberry Pack

The sweet and warm crowberry pack proofs to be a true fountain of youth that tightens the skin. It increases the blood flow and relaxes the muscles.

25 Min | € 42,00
50 Min | € 69,00 incl. massage

Creme Packung

Creme Pack

A treat for dry skin. The crème pack contains a cocktail of minerals and antioxidants.

25 Min | € 42,00
50 Min | € 69,00 incl. massage

Packung_Warme Erde

Warm Earth

Warm thermal mud from Tuscany with calcium and magnesium has a positive effect on the entire body. It relaxes the muscles, cleanses, mineralizes and cares for the Skin.

50 Min | € 69,00


Snow Crystal Scrub

This unique body scrub reminds of fresh snow, since the white sugar crystals melt on the skin like snow. This fantastic full-body scrub gives your skin a delicate and smooth look.

25 Min | € 39,00

Liftalpes - Alpine Anti Aging 

The Alpine anti-aging treatment for your body gives you smooth and tight skin. White sugar crystals improve the blood flow. Close your eyes and enjoy a massage with edelweiß oil. You are then wrapped in a berry mixture – black currant and crowberry. 

80 Min | € 105,00

Peeling_Schmelzender Schnee

Melting Snow

Scrub and Pack. A treat for dry skin. After a full-body scrub with white sugar enriched with alpine plant extracts you can indulge in a crème pack with active agents from the mountains.

50 Min | € 73,00

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